Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome on our first blog!

Hello!We hope to help everyone to bring our birthday reminder to the proper attention. We have created this service to solve one problem. Remember about important birthdays and annual life event, for instance wedding anniversary, special event s celebration for certain family. In fact this year I finally did not forget about my cousin birthday, finally! Before I kept those reminder using cellphones, or desktop applications or was relying on social websites. The problem is not everyone has profile son them, some people do not publish those information or put incorrect info to protect their privacy. Cell phone or computer software did not work for me neither because when I switch phone, or got it stolen, or reinstalled I lost the data. Google calendar was decent tool but it got mixed with my doctors appointment, paying bill etc. I had to solve this problem for myself and we created Now every time I receive email from that domain I know what it is, based on the subject I can tell who birthday are coming. That is simple sweet and works like a charm.

Open a free account with us and you will never forget about your family birthday again.